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Food Trailers

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$9,500 Dollars

Food Trailers are ideal to start your business, affordable and ready to grow your income. Assemble it according to your needs: griddles, barbecue, grills, sink, stove, fryers, extra windows, refrigerator and much more.
Build your food trailer as you like, or choose from ready-made models.


3 comparment sinks, handwash, air conditioner, heater, clean water tank 30 gal, waste wáter, tank 42 gal, water pump, work table 4 ft, electrical set up, pluming set up, anti slip aluminium, floor, stainless steel walls, 2 windows (according to size), paint it any color.

alfamex food trailers

About Us

Alfamex food trailers is an stablish and professional company who specialize in custom made trailers, we work with high quality standars in our workforce and materials, we offer you a good quality trailer in any size you need and we can install any kitchen appliances.

We take a great pride of building food trailers that are beautiful to the eye and also durable , we follow strict protocols to ensure your food trailer will meet every regulation. We like to work hand by hand with our customers so you receive the trailer of your dreams!


  • NSF approved equipment and fixtures
  • Stainless steel
  • Name brand appliances
  • Pex piping plumbing
  • 100% Health inspections approvals
  • 100% Quality material
  • NFS certificate water tanks
  • Full insulated
  • Glass windows

We have affordable and competitive pricing in our products, you can see our gallery to get to know some of our work.

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We specialize in custom made food trailers any size and any color we work with high quality standars
to bring our customes a totally satisfactory job..

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